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Recognition is the future of work.

An engaged workforce has the power to drive your business forward.

Our Points Program Solution, AchievaSUITE, was first introduced in 2004 and has handled over 1000 programs for Employee Recognition, Engagement, Sales Performance, and Loyalty Programs.

We've created a solution to help you understand your business goals & strategies.

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Ignite Performance with Incentives

Full-service solutions to motivate your team


Proven Results

Paramax is a leading technology provider of Incentive Management Solutions used in loyalty, incentive, recognition, and awards programs.


Reward Service and Loyalty

Our solutions provide all the tools needed to deliver profitable client incentive programs for sales, workplace safety, employee recognition, years of service awards, health & wellness initiatives, and customer locality campaigns.


Custom Awards and Incentives

Incentive program modules record, measure and motivate employee and channel partners with online rewards, communications and educational tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Achieva?

Achieva is a flexible, points-based online award engine and catalog. It provides participants with an experience where points can be accumulated and redeemed for an incredible variety of merchandise from top brands, gift cards, experiences, and many other options.

Understand your business goals

Staples surveyed 300 small businesses to find that 80% fail to track their business goals – while 77% fail to reach their vision.

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