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Employee Engagement & COVID-19: The Webinar is the largest social networking site dedicated to human resources professionals. This webcast was presented by Paramax and Hinda.

From "COVID-19 has created new and unforeseen issues making employee engagement even more important than ever. Using newly released HR surveys as well as CDC and OSHA guidelines, we will investigate three key HR concerns and employee engagement strategies to battle them: New safety procedures created by COVID-19, maximizing compliance through engagement, and easing returning employee apprehension and fears through empathy. COVID-19 is likely to accelerate the trend toward more and more remote employees. We will investigate ways to engage your growing and new remote employees. Experts from Paramax, a leading incentive technology provider and Hinda Incentives, a corporate rewards and recognition industry leader will help us explore navigating the obstacles to employee engagement in a COVID-19 world."


Expert Guidance

Find the latest OSHA resources related to COVID-19


CDC Guildlines on COVID-19

CDC is responding to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Learn More About COVID-19

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